Is training a baby is difficult?

It is easy to train a person, but when it comes to a kid you need more patience and lots of tricks to train them. Some people would go fed up or frustrated while training babies to do something mainly due to failure. Instead of being frustrated or fed up you can use some tricks which make you to succeed and make your baby get trained.

Likewise training a baby to drink from straw is also one of the hard jobs for parents because baby has to do on their own it sounds somewhat tough because it may be a risky too. What if the baby sucks faster which may results in cough or choke of liquid to avoid this kind of risk, first you need to consider baby age, while training to use straw if baby is more than 9 months you can teach baby to use a straw by following some tricks which are explained below.

Methods to teach a baby how to use straw:

Here are some tips or methods to train your baby to drink from straw are listed below first and foremost you have to try to stick a regular straw in baby mouth and check whether it is comfortable or not. If it is old fashioned straw then it is better to teach and now follow the steps eventually.

  • Take a regular size straw make it stick into a cup of water or a cup of milk with normal temperature.
  • Once the straw touches the bottom cover the top opening of the straw with the finger and give pressure in the middle of the straw it makes liquid pull into the straw.
  • Ensure that your baby is sitting near in chair now hold the straw with liquid over your baby mouth.
  • It is nature of baby to open their mouth when keep something near to their mouth.
  • Once your baby open their mouth slowly release the liquid into their mouth but you have to be careful in doing if more liquid you feed then it makes baby to cough.

drink from straw

  • Try this for two to three times if your baby likes it then continue to put straw inside the baby’s mouth.
  • Once they close their mouth around the baby straw you should keep your finger on other end and train the baby to suck until they get liquid.
  • Now put some water into the straw by pressurizing in the middle of straw and allow baby to suck and drink more water through straw.
  • Now put the straw into cup of water or milk directly and try baby to drink through straw most of babies will do since they familiar with it but some baby will would not do.

For those babies whom not comfortable in drinking with a straw first you need to train them with Sippy cup which is similar to thin straw cup for babies once they are familiar with sucking in Sippy cup you can train them with straw by following above steps.

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